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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Consumers’ Choice Award is dedicated to identifying and promoting businesses that exemplify superior customer service, integrity, and professionalism. Our goal is to recognize and nurture business excellence through customer service reviews and recommendations for the benefit of local enterprises and the customers they serve.

For over 25 years the Consumers’ Choice Award has been considered a business seal of excellence. For recipients, the award not only constitutes the crowning achievement of their efforts, but also represents the knowledge that they have earned the trust and loyalty of consumers.


What to Look for in a Trustworthy Business

The average consumer feels the need to be able to trust those businesses that he/she patronizes. The loyal consumer naturally will give their business to those enterprises that make him/her feel valued and important. Trust must be earned, and accordingly, the relationship will evolve for the mutual advantage of both the retailer and consumer. The ... [More]

The Organic Grower & Natural Pest Remedies

Growing vegetables has become a popular activity for the urban dweller. Prices for fresh produce are steadily on the rise. Those lucky enough to have a patch of soil at hand, can easily, with a little work, grow enough produce to significantly reduce one’s summer food expenditures. Gardening is a healthy and rewarding activity that ... [More]

Moving Companies and You-What to Look Out For

Moving Companies and You-What to Look Out For These warm summer months are the height of the moving season. In order to avoid undue stress and worry, it is most advisable to be informed of potential pitfalls and scams. You need to be aware about what to look for, so as to deal only with ... [More]

A Well-Organized Closet Creates a Well-Organized Life

Every morning when you wake up, before you hop in the shower or eat breakfast, you probably spend a few moments looking through your closet. The routine of choosing an outfit and the perfect shoes is an important part of your day. If your closet is a jumble, your day begins in with chaos. That ... [More]

The Worst Customer Service Mistakes You Can Make and How to Correct Them

The Worst Customer Service Mistakes You Can Make and How to Correct Them  Most errors and missed opportunities arising from unsatisfactory interactions between customer service reps and customers are easily avoidable if practical strategies are employed by Management/Human Resource personnel regarding their front-line staff. Your staff should act like diplomats who represent the public face of ... [More]

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